Institute mailboxes often receive a barrage of a variety of communications. Lightsome is my attempt at building a decluttered alternative.

lightsome-cover image
lightsome-cover image


Communication channels in schools, colleges and institutions often get very messy. This mainly happens due to exchange of unsolicited group emails, lack of segregation between academic and non-academic communications, accumulated junk mails of old events and lack of visual distinction between third-party and institute mails, administrative mails, personal mails etc. This results in a cluttered mailbox and thus sometimes becomes an inefficient medium of communication; which makes us more dependent on communication channels like messaging platforms etc. …

An app that streams music while showing the lyrics in user’s preferred language, and allows sharing of lyrical excerpts with loved-ones

Lyrically-UX Case Study Cover Image
Lyrically-UX Case Study Cover Image

Problem Statement 🤔

In the age of social media, listening to songs and having an option of sharing appropriate lyrics with friends, families etc. for special moments has become very common. But mostly people search the specific lines online and then share them in different social media platforms, thus making the process of sharing verses very tedious.

Furthermore, with the world having become a global village, people often become interested in foreign music and develop an eagerness to know or learn the…

A new feature addition to plan multiple events in a day with other people collaboratively in Nearbuy app

Nearbuy feature addition case study cover photo
Nearbuy feature addition case study cover photo

Note: This is a UX case study developed by me using analytical data collected by Rituparna De (PGP student, IIM Indore). All the features and improvement suggestions mentioned here are not related to any business redesign of Nearbuy itself.

Nearbuy is an e-commerce platform, available in mobile phone app and website formats. The platform allows users to discover and avail offers on various hyper-local services. …

Soham Mitra

I'm an aspiring UI/UX Designer and Front-end developer with prior experience in Software development. Looking for exciting opportunities!

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